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Path Marketing provides everything marketing that your business could need. From a packet of branded mints to planning and outsourced Marketing Management.​


It is our goal to ensure that every business can plan and execute effective marketing activities, with our pricing and products designed to allow you get more out of your spend, engage in more activity, explore new channels and reach more targets than ever.​


When required our team will become your Marketing team, we will plan, budget, implement and manage on your behalf.​


Working across all sectors and with detailed knowledge of the retail and automotive sectors, we are focused on delivering real Return on Investment for businesses of all sizes.​



We do this by making sure our own team, services, suppliers and facilities have the very same focus and goals, which enables us to deliver professional, efficient and experienced marketing services.​


Path Marketing was founded in 2010, working with a number of businesses in the UK and Ireland  including manufacturer brands, dealers, dealer groups, aftersales centres, engineering companies, chauffeur companies, motorsport race teams, cafés, retailers and more.


Catering for all businesses in the UK, and Europe, and local support in the South West and Yeovil area with the technical knowledge, dedicated resource and marketing skills, the Path Marketing team will deliver for you!​

Path Marketing 

makes budgets go further

With years of extensive in house marketing experience, Path Marketing can make a big difference to how far your Marketing budgets goes.

We offer a complete range of cost effective marketing Services and Branded products, ideal for any business looking to promote their business.

We support many small to medium businesses from the ground up, we can plan and implement your marketing activities, update or build your website, provide your with graphic design, email and sms campaigns, provide branded merchandise, print your stationary.

In Fact we have it all covered, one call, one email, and we will spring into action, from a pen to a full quarter marketing campaign. From a press ad to a company brochure, with one call, we will save you money and time.

Call today to find out about or range of services and products.

What we offer

Cost Effective Marketing

On-line 24/7

Marketing Management

Marketing Support

Design - Videos, Cartoons, Web, FaceBook, Twitter

Web - design, management , promotion 

HTML- design, outgoing campaigns

Press - design, press bookings

Print - all print, stationary, forms , folders , 

Point of Sales - design, print and delivery

CRM - design - campaigns

Loyalty Campaigns, design, print, Management

Branded Merchandise - design and delivery

Media bookings - Radio , Press, On-line, Direct Mail, Leaflet drops 

Product promotions - venue sourcing, Booking , Promotional Staff, design and print 

We are your one stop marketing shop !

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