Business Marketing Support

Business Marketing Support is one of the fastest growing services, that delivers real value for money, detailed expertise and considerable marketing experience to any business. Recruiting and fully utilising a dedicated marketing professional, with in-house graphic design facilities is extremely costly to any business, as well as very challenging to source. Whilst a marketing co-ordinator/executive will always assist in managing your marketing activities, these individuals are rarely design fully trained and will still have to source suppliers and skilled third parties to complete the marketing work/initiatives that you plan. At Path Marketing, we become your marketing department with our Business Marketing Support service. 

We meet with you and your team on a regular basis, compiling your marketing plans for you, with activities, schedules, budgets, media bookings, graphic design artwork, web management and updates along with much, much more. Your dedicated account manager works with all elements of your business, as if we were part of your team and not only assist with planning it, but also research it, deisgn it, execute it and review it! This service is one of the most sought after support functions for any business today, hence its popularity. On every occasion it has proven to be more cost effective than any other marketing structure for a business and gives direct expert and experienced marketing and design resource to your business.

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