About this project

Deadrockers is a community of bikers who share a passion for motorcycles. We were asked to produce embroidered products for various occasions, which ranged from embroidered clothing such as hoodies, beanies and name patches.

Our client had previously had some of the designs completed before but wanted a refresh to their artwork and fonts, which meant we updated their previous designs.


One example was an embroidered sparkplug containing a number inside to mark how many years each individual member had been with the club. We produced a design for the sparkplug and had a sample embroidered for our client to approve and determine if they were happy with the size of the patch. Once this had been signed off, we completed a sample containing the number for approval.

We completed these sparkplugs for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of being with the club and our client was happy with all the embroidered items they received.