Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries Case Study


Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries, the UK’s largest childcare franchise network and leading childcare provider with over 70 locations across the UK, sought to enhance their online presence, streamline their digital operations across their network and update all of their nursery sites in line with their new branding. This entailed a well-planned and scheduled strategy to update every nursery website within the network and feature core content.

Path Marketing, a dynamic web development agency specializing in innovative solutions, was enlisted to spearhead this transformation. A new web design was put forward for the sites and worked on utilising their Monkey Puzzle’s brand colours, fonts and styling until a design was approved. This was to be used as a basic template for all of their nursery sites.

Challenges Faced

Initially, Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries struggled with the cumbersome task of managing a diverse network of 70 plus websites. We took this on board in the web build to help streamline this process and proposed a centralized platform for web updates and campaign management. Through meticulous planning and execution, we optimized the workflow, ensuring timely updates and consistent branding across all sites.

This design project entailed updates to a vast number of nursery sites which required careful planning and scheduling to ensure all the websites were updated and tested to the highest detail. It involved working closely with our client to set targets and deadlines for content and checking by the nursery, successfully ensuring a succinct brand overhaul to all areas of every nursery, including their online listings, stationary branding, signage, social pages and in some cases the nursery’s interior. Path Marketing was at hand to help with any graphic design, updates online and testing, keeping the web build and rebrand on schedule.

Solutions Implemented

Recognizing the need for a cohesive brand identity, Path Marketing embarked on a comprehensive rebranding initiative. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we consolidated the disparate websites into a unified multi-site platform. This overhaul not only enhanced brand consistency but also laid the foundation for future scalability and growth.

Moreover, by harnessing the power of modern web development frameworks, Path Marketing introduced a plethora of new functionalities to elevate the user experience. One such our team meticulously crafted, was a custom nursery search filter. The role of this search filter was to use on the main Head Office website for prospective parents to visit and search for a Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery via their location by seamlessly integrating geographical data to provide users with an intuitive and interactive interface. This innovative solution not only simplified the search process but also empowered users to find relevant information with ease. What’s more, this functionality also offered Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries a simple solution to feature all of their nurseries on their main Head Office website whilst still maintaining an individual website with a personal URL for every site within the network.

Another functionality developed with in-depth research and planning was a recruitment page, featuring all of their nursery’s vacancies without manually having to be added into their website. This ‘scrape’ of their nursery’s career opportunities reduced the hassle of re-adding job positions for their 70 plus nurseries onto their site as well as providing the user a central point to search for vacancies based off of their location.

In addition, setting any new web build live requires vigorous testing and checking. Every new site created undertook careful checking by both our client, nursery and Path Marketing before being made live. At Path Marketing, we carried out the final testing and proofing of content, identifying any problems and quickly resolving before making the website live for the nursery.

CRM Integration

In a bid to streamline customer relationship management, Path Marketing seamlessly integrated Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries’ websites with leading CRM systems such as Zoho CRM,, and HubSpot. Through this integration, we facilitated the seamless flow of data between platforms, enabling targeted email campaigns and personalized communication strategies. By harnessing the power of automation, we empowered Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries to forge deeper connections with their audience, driving engagement and fostering brand loyalty.

Results Achieved

By centralizing website management and implementing robust workflows, Path Marketing significantly streamlined Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries’ digital operations, reducing overhead costs and enhancing efficiency.

• Enhanced User Engagement: The introduction of new functionalities and intuitive interfaces resulted in a marked improvement in user engagement metrics, with increased time spent on site and higher conversion rates.

• Improved Brand Visibility: The cohesive rebranding effort and multi-site integration elevated Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries’ brand visibility, fostering a strong and consistent brand presence across all digital touchpoints.

• Increased Revenue: Through targeted email campaigns and seamless e-commerce integration, Path Marketing facilitated a significant boost in revenue for Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries, driving growth and profitability.


In conclusion, Path Marketing’s strategic approach to web development has revolutionized Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries’ online presence, delivering tangible results and driving business success. By leveraging innovative technologies and implementing tailored solutions, we have empowered our client to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. If you’re seeking a reliable partner to elevate your brand’s online presence and drive business growth, look no further than Path Marketing. Let us help you unlock your digital potential and achieve your business objectives.