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The Vale Federation is a group of schools in Aylesbury. These are Booker Park Primary Special School and Stocklake Park Secondary Special School. The aim of this campaign was to raise awareness for Booker Park’s Teaching Assistant position within the local postcode sectors of the school in the Aylesbury area.

This Ad contained a website link to the relevant job page on their website, encouraging audiences to click through to find out more or apply to the position. The content was concise to suit the format of the platform being used with an image of the school included alongside the Ad.


Age group: 25years+

Gender: Both


HP21 9, HP16 9, HP17 0, HP17 9, HP17 8, HP18 9, HP18 0, HP19 9, HP19 8, HP19 7, HP19 0, HP20 2, HP20 9, HP20 1, HP21 7, HP21 8, HP22 5, HP22 6, HP22 4

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Path Marketing - Twitter Ad

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