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Rebecca Wyatt Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy business whose main clientele is the physiotherapy and rehabilitation of horses, dogs and riders. For this logo pack, our client wanted a refresh of their businesses logo, whilst incorporating key elements of their business.

We worked closely with our client to ensure the colours and fonts matched their preferences, understanding the look they were hoping to achieve. This entailed several drafts, exploring different fonts and colours as well as alternative designs which focused on different areas of their business. One main request was for the font to be an italic font but one which was still clear and readable. We provided several options to our client, with them choosing the final font.

The final design was provided in all the necessary formats in their logo pack, ready for our client to use how they wished.


” A huge thanks and shout out goes to the team at Path Marketing for effectively and efficiently bringing all my thoughts together to modernise and create these little gems which I truly feel reflects my work and gives an identity to what I do.” RW Physiotherapy

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