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PATH Funeral Share a Memory OCT 23

Introducing our ‘Share a Memory’ Cards – a heartfelt opportunity to cherish and commemorate the beautiful moments you shared with your loved one. These cards are designed to facilitate a genuine connection between friends and family as they jot down their treasured memories and reflect back on times they’ve shared with their loved one. Whether it’s reminiscing about laughter-filled gatherings or heartfelt conversations, these cards create a touching tribute that can be revisited time and time again after the funeral. Our standard A6 size is perfect, but we’re here to make it truly yours by offering complete personalization, including size. Choose between single or double-sided printing, accommodating various budgets and specific preferences.

At such a sensitive time, we understand the importance of offering a bespoke solution for your needs. ‘Share a Memory’ Cards serve as a bridge to go down memory lane, allowing your loved ones to recollect the warmth and love they once shared. We are here to help make your celebration of life a truly unique and comforting experience, ensuring that the memories you’ve created will be remembered and shared. In times of sorrow, our ‘Share a Memory’ Cards provide a way to share, reflect, and honour a life well-lived, turning a difficult day into an opportunity for collective remembrance and positivity.

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