Noel Deasy Cars

About this project

Noel Deasy Cars Ltd are the main Skoda dealer exclusive for Cork City. The aim of their Skoda 231 campaign* was to drive sales for new registrations for January 2023 using a variety of channels including Web, text and email.

We built a special offers website that Noel Deasy could use to promote exclusive offers to their customers. It features all of the models available in their offer with an image and price clearly stated.


We also produced digital adverts, banners and home page take-overs to promote their offers to all potential customers via the Cork independent website. Each banner consisted of a specific model offer which was linked to a specific web page detailing the promotion.

Working with Skoda brand guidelines the materials promoted Noel Deasy’s local offers to their local target market.

Additionally, the offers were communicated via text and email to targeted customers by vehicle and model ownership. Noel Deasy provided us with the customer contacts they wished to target and we set up, tested and sent out the communications on behalf of Noel Deasy, ensuring the relevant OPTs were all featured.

Formats used
Word Press, Short Links, Giff files, PNG and JPGS, HTML, SMS
*The offers are not available to non-customers.