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Memory Pins

PATH Funeral Memory Pins OCT 23 1

Memory Pins are a thoughtful, heartfelt and bespoke way to commemorate your loved one’s farewell. Our Memory Pins are thoughtfully presented on a branded card, featuring a carefully curated collection of a minimum of 10 pins.

In the spirit of personalization, you can select your pins from a range of designs, each crafted to offer a unique pinpoint to reflect a particular trait or hobby. You will be able to select the pins which mean something to you, capturing the unique personality or cherished hobbies of your dearly departed. These pins serve as a touching tribute, uniting family and friends in their collective memories. Beyond the funeral, these keepsakes can become cherished mementos that allow you to hold on to the essence of your loved one.

What sets our Memory Pins apart is the opportunity for complete customization. The accompanying card is a canvas for your emotions and sentiments, where you can include a personal message or theme that resonates with your loved one’s legacy. These pins and cards combine to create a beautiful, lasting memory for you and your guests.

In this sombre moment, let our Memory Pins be the beacon of light that adds a special touch to your day and ensures that the memory of your loved one lives on in the hearts of all who attend. Get in touch today to find out more.

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